“Louisiana’s Industrial Electricity Costs"—See How We Compare

Where Are Our Rates Headed? LEUG’s Presentation at the 2019 GCPA Conference
in New Orleans


Who is LEUG?

A group of industrial consumers of electricity in Louisiana who support the efficient use of resources to achieve a reliable, low cost energy supply.

What are LEUG’s priorities?
LEUG supports regulatory policies that promote utility use of efficient generation resources that reduce electricity costs for all ratepayers. LEUG also supports regulatory policies that promote the development of a robust transmission grid that reduces electricity costs through utility access to lower cost suppliers.

LEUG's Economic Impact in Louisiana

LEUG members collectively employ over 35,000 Louisianans; support annual payrolls totaling $1.9 billion, and spend over $6.7 billion on electricity, goods and services. LEUG is Louisiana’s industrial economy. 

LEUG's Economic Impact Details

(Updated Data) Totals
Number of Employees in Louisiana 24,488
Number of Contract Employees in Louisiana 11,940
Louisiana Payroll $1.9 Billion
Number of Facilities in Louisiana 71
Dollars Spent in Louisiana - electricity, goods and services $6.7 Billion
Average Salary of Louisiana Employee $94,066

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